Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Shopping:Salsa Bowl

Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo and while getting my Mexican dinner groceries I started looking at some cute serving dish at the party store ... nothing in particular that I really liked .... came home and while one Internet I started searching the same .. Every home that enjoys salsa got to to have a salsa dish ...everyone say "Yeahhhh" .. Etsy is the best place to look for vintage good and no doubt I found the one I think is appropriate for a party with salsa or guacamole ....I love the simple colors and the mexican sombrero  style ...cutest is the tassel on the sides ...

FIestaaa Sombrero Ceramic Covered Salsa Bowl

FIestaaa Sombrero Ceramic Covered Salsa Bowl
Images Via : Etsy

Chips and Salsa in one hand and Margarita's on the other hand .. Life has to be good then .. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone ....

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