Saturday, March 31, 2012

Niwas Celebrating Earth Hour

Dust off your collection of candle holders to celebrate Earth Hour with us and .....It's amazing to know  how big of difference we can make together by just one hour...Growing up in India we had our share of power cuts and I remember how fun it was .. as a kid that meant we didn't have to study:) ..and as grown up it was fun to order food from outside :) .....we played Antakshi( singing bollywood movie songs with first hindi consonant on which previous contestant's song ended).....if the power was out for a longggg time that meant walks and getting ice cream from the local ice cream vendor .... I plan to recreate my memories with this awesome idea of Earth hour and plan on taking some pictures tooo ....Hope you also enjoy an hour of turning off lights too  and enjoy a candle night dinner with family .....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Shopping: Garden Signs

Everyone has their reason of why the love springs .. some say its flowers and some say its birds .. I love spring for the new Garden Signs .. I know silly me but I love Garden signs and will always look for garden signs when I go for walks ....Our neighbor has one that reads "Pull Weeds for Free" .. even after reading for 50th time .. it brings a smile to my face ...with Spring here i thought of shopping some cute signs .....I found these three for you today ....Hope you like it .. Next time when you see a Garden sign and it brings smile to you face don't forget to share with you blog friends :)

Via: Etsy

Hand Painted Primitive Daisy Garden Sign
Via: Etsy

Ring Bell if no answer PULL WEEDS sign for garden wood
Via: Etsy