Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

He's making a list .. he is checking is twice ..gonna find out who is naughty and nice .. Santa Clause is coming to Town.....

Merry Christmas everyone ... I hope you enjoy this holiday with family and friends and make lots of good memories. Make special things and enjoy some laughs, exchange gifts and remember them all ... I hope you guys already have dinner plans and have wrapped up all the presents. For me I am still behind wrapping presents .. but I did watch "The Polar Express" on Christmas Eve and plan on making my first ever Christmas dinner :) .. done all grocery shopping since stores will be closed and yes not to forget the decoration around the house looks so cute .. here are some snaps
A cute Tea shop that my in-laws bought for me

Yup .. Let it snow

I ......B.E.L.I.E.V.E

My mom made this special ornament just for me :)

Snow man cookie jar .. I adore this guy

Happy Snowman Kettle that my mom bought .. he is just so happy

Yup I collect Kettle ... this is my 4th one :)

Sood Family Stockings :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Xmas all around ...

I have been to lots of places recently and tried to capture the Xmas spirit and decor ... here are some of the pictures I look in last few weeks ...



Wisconsin ...coming soon !!!!

Xmas on its way ...

It's the magical time of the year that I always look forward to ... the color red and green have a different meaning .. the Xmas songs on holiday are so much fun to listen to ..decorating house and setting up Xmas tree is what I had been waiting to do for such a while .. this will be our first mas together as married couple and so excited to buy gifts and celebrate this occasion with my family. The best part both my parents and in laws are here with us .. so this is going to be a special Xmas .. and also I get to visit Wisconsin this time of the year so i will actually see snow this time of the year ... can't wait to make snow angels :) ...

We have the Xmas tree up and lights outside the house bring the festive spirit ... I will have to take pictures and upload them for you all to see .. as of now enjoy the cute Xmas ornament ( My brother and sister in law gave us on last Xmas :)) ...