Sunday, October 31, 2010

Count down to Diwali

* There are lots of things to be done in so little time ...was waiting for Halloween day to be over to decorate the house with Diwali lights that starts tomorrow

* Clean the house - done ( I know I am surprised too )

* Shine up the silver - in progress

* Methai to decide - already decided to make Coconut Burfi, Kalakand and Rasgullas :)

* Fireworks - Already have from last years so we are good

* Gifts - for family and friends ..pretty much done...

*Pooja samagari- good to go

*Grocery shopping - pending...

* What to wear- still deciding

* Candle shopping-done

the list goes on.. I think I am kinda ready because of my parents being here as they are a big help in cleaning to cooking...It's gonna be a special one as mom dad are here and its Diwaliiiiiiiiiiii

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of planning Baby Shower for My Sister -in-law ...We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet the new arrival ... I had so much fun looking for ideas and came across some really nice blogs. Trust me I don't know what we did without Google :)

Here are some snaps and details for the Decor

Entrance of the house welcome guest with Baby Shower sign ...

I was able to make the center piece using the stuff available at home ..some branches from backyard ..a garden pot...fabric flowers and print out of the word "Baby Girl" sister-in -law decided to decorate this in baby's room .. I am so excited it part of my nieces room :)

Here is the food table ...I look a pink fabric and folded it as runner to keep the pink and white theme ..some wine glasses with pink ribbon wrapped around it to bring warmth to the room labels hand made with baby feet punched in them ..some of the appetizers includes .. meat balls/spinach wrap/deviled eggs/cream puffs/mini-cheese-cake etc fav was deviled eggs presentation ..instead of using a standard platter I tool soup spoons and served deviled eggs in that ...again use what you already have in the house :)

We also hung baby clothes to add to the decor .. invitation card was onsie so this decor connected the whole celebration. The clothes hanging were gift to mom -to-be

Some fresh pink flowers mom-to-be and blocks reading the work girl .. simple design that helped decorate the corners.

and last but not least the cake .. it was adorable..Sam's club did such a good job and it was very reasonable ...the baby on top was a keep sake for mom .. I think baby is adorable ..

Party favors cookies for the guest that read " Thanks for Showering Kim and Deepak with Sweetness" .. I will upload the picture soon for that .. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and got some ideas for your parties coming up soon ....