Sunday, October 31, 2010

Count down to Diwali

* There are lots of things to be done in so little time ...was waiting for Halloween day to be over to decorate the house with Diwali lights that starts tomorrow

* Clean the house - done ( I know I am surprised too )

* Shine up the silver - in progress

* Methai to decide - already decided to make Coconut Burfi, Kalakand and Rasgullas :)

* Fireworks - Already have from last years so we are good

* Gifts - for family and friends ..pretty much done...

*Pooja samagari- good to go

*Grocery shopping - pending...

* What to wear- still deciding

* Candle shopping-done

the list goes on.. I think I am kinda ready because of my parents being here as they are a big help in cleaning to cooking...It's gonna be a special one as mom dad are here and its Diwaliiiiiiiiiiii


  1. That was one great list...Have a special diwali..

  2. Oh.. and I thought I had a long list.. Im so happy to see yours.. :-)