Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holi gifts for your guest

Planning a return gift for your Holi party .. Not sure what to get ? When I started thinking about that I asked myself what is one gift goes well with Holi ..something funny as a gift but also useful for  guest to use it after the party... After all the purple in their head and orange on their neck, they will need a good bath or may be couple of good baths :) So what better gift then soap or scrubs .. They will not worry about coming to your Holi party next year after they receive this thoughtful gift ...Pinterest is the hub for all ideas so here is what I found for soaps and scrubs ...

How about a combo of scrub/soap and loofah
 Pinned Image
Via: Pint

or some Spiced Tea soap
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 Via Pinterest

Personalized soap
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 Via: Pinterest

Soap fizzies for gifts

 Via: Martha Stewart

Scrub with a spoon ties with pretty ribbon
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 via: Pinterest

or make your very own scrub at home
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Do not forget to keep some for you as will need the same at the end of the day yourself  :) Happy Soap and Scrub shopping friends ...Holi here we come

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