Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diwali pics

Diwali Wishes

Hope you all had a safe and happy Diwali .. We had a good time here with family and the wether getting a little chilly .... sweets turned out good, everything went as planned, house was all lit up and it smelled like festivity around .. I do miss India this time of the year but I am glad I got to spend this festival with my family ... Here are some snaps to show some decorative corners of my house .... Hope you like it ..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diwali Corner

Lights are lit up in the backyard .. you can feel the cozy weather as the evening approaches making sweets and namkeen and house is super clean feel the grace of almighty all around you ...yes its that time of the year that we wait for ...its Diwali ....

With as busy as I can be ..I am trying to find time and decorate the little Corner's of my house...I was able to do one this evening so thought to sit down and share with you all . I can't wait to light up the candles on Diwali night and take pictures again ...Ganesha on the entrance and candles so welcoming ..colors of fall and Diwali will surely welcome Lakshmi Ji and all the guest in our house ...