Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Check out some pics from our recent trip to Savannah/Charleston trip... it was an awesome trip and we got tanned and sun burn .... good food/awesome view/nice weather what else could I ask for

and here is the video for the Dolphin tour .....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some is watching over us ...

I was sitting in my back porch and this is what I saw .....

its been a while since I saw 'Rainbow' ...every time I see a Rainbow I know God is watching over us

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Its Raining !!!

* Raindrops making plants happy and green

* Rain and Tea perfect combination

* People call it gloomy ...I call it God's day

* Winds makes you feel you are in heaven

* Pakora's - bring it on

* Making Paper boats and see them float

* Rain drizzling on your face

* Sitting on the porch with someone you love

* My mint plant dancing away with the wind

* Frog's talking to each other :)

* Birds talking in our backyard

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Botanical Garden Moonlight Walk

My husband found out about this event and I was totally thrilled as I thought it was super romantic. Tickets were reasonable and we decided to go two hours in advance so that we can enjoy the garden at day time and then in the dark. Botanical Garden is spread out in 62 acres and they have done a good job keeping the garden as natural as they can. They have native path and herb garden .... children park, butterfly garden ....bonsai and bamboo you name it and its there.

We enjoyed the whole garden and absolutely felt closer to mother nature ... the best was that after every step they had luminaries on the side walkway which were lit up in evening ....and the small ponds had bamboo sticks as candle holder ..along with this they had live music which was very nice and people really enjoyed it .. here is just a glimpse

It was very romantic to walk in a candle lit path with Moon up in the sky and fireflies all around you :)... it definitely was a feeling that you are in another world all together .... Here are some pictures of the garden... enjoy

Mother's Day

This year was special as we had two mom's to wish :) ....My husband and I decided to send dinner for both the mom's so that they don't have to cook on this special day. We are far far away from them so that's the best we could do .. if we were with them we would cooked the dinner for them ...I think it was a cute idea and both mom's enjoyed there dinner. So here to both the mom's " Happy Mother's Day" ..... A special message for both of you :)

Thank You for all the love and blessing .... May good gives you everything you dream and keeps a smile on your face forever and ever ...

How is my Joy ride ?

I enjoyed a cup of tea with my husband this morning and also I kept in mind to use all the imp words .. I think I did good ....its funny that you keep looking for joy and it is right there in front of you... in the smallest thing you would have ever thought of ... Life is beautiful if you keep it simple and even more beautiful when you keep it real ..... I am enjoying this Joy ride and have already started thinking abt more ways to find Joy ....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joy Ride

Came across this website and thought its a simple idea to find Joy in your daily life ... Life gets busy day by day and we forget to enjoy the little moments we have ... so here are my "Finding Joy List"

Long walks with hubby
Enjoy Tea in morning
Count blessings
Say "Thank You" ,"Please", "I Love you" , "I am Sorry" more often

and here is how I start .... "Thanks you for reading my Blog ... " :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cedar Key Day Trip - May 3rd 2009

It was my hubby's bday this weekend so we went for a day trip to Cedar Key ... it was our first outing together and it was so much fun...we enjoyed the sunset and the cool breeze by the water .... my husband ordered Mahi Mahi and it was so good ..... I now know what I am gonna order next time at Cedar Key ..We were back by 9 so it was good short trip to spend the weekend and enjoy some time together :) .... so here's to you honey " Happy Birthday Florida Husband"