Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Shopping: Hand Woven Stool

This hand woven stool from recycled fabrics is perfect for your kids room or the pooja room ...this brings a sitting corner and a splash of color all together ...With it's size it is easy to use it as a side table too... with a lamp on top ...and picture of your best vacation ...Kids are going to love a sitting area in their room while they read books and or play with their friends ....In pooja room you can do you morning prayer while you meditate away ....I like it best as a side table for some reason.....You decide how you like it ....Off to shopping I go.. here I come Pier1 :)

Recycled Fabrics Stool
Image via: Pier1

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Shopping : Wall Clock

Does each room in your home has its own wall clock ? If yes, you love these greatest inventions and a small yet powerful home decor piece. Any guest in your home looks at the clock ... so this piece has to be elegant and stylish. When shopping for one do not just buy a clock .. buy the one that works with the room ... that enhance the wall it sits on. Every home has their style .. like my nephew and nieces have the clock that makes noise of a bird every hour ... it also has the picture of the birds ... I thought that was a cool one and will love to find one for my patio ( yes patio needs one too might attract some birds in our backyard too)... I found these two for you i think works great for a family room and kids room .. come check it our for yourself and see what you think.

Wood carved wall clock "Tulips"
Image Via: Etsy

The "Baby Lime Green Elephant" designer wall mounted clock from LeLuni
Image Via: Etsy

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Shopping: Mother's Day Gift

No words are enough to say "Thanks" to wonderful mom's out there ...every mom deserves something special though out the year however when a day gets dedicated to her it has to be extra special about cooking a breakfast to cleaning dishes for dinner ......taking her out for mani/pedi or a or chocolates ...writing a poem or just hug.. every kid has their way of expressing love and thanks to their mom ....If you like to express via words ... Etsy has some awesome collections for you ...I love love love the line "you're my favorite superhero" ...isn't that true ? and then "Keep Calm and Call Mom" doesn't that work all the time ? Mom always has the answer to all our questions ...on that note's wishing Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mom's out there ....hope you kids make this day very special for you ....

You're My Favorite Superhero. Great Gift for Mother's Day.
Image Via: Etsy

Retro Inspirational Quote Giclee Art Print - Vintage Typography Decor - Customize - Mother's Day UK
Image Via:Etsy
Mother day Keep calm and call mom Print Phone Vintage illustration, Dictionary art Print Upcycle book page
Image via: Etsy

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Every home has a simple pleasure meal .... something that everyone likes and can eat any day . it's called simple pleasure not just because it's simple to cook but because it brings those pleasures in life that are simply simple :)  Meals that you eat with family while watching episode of  Hum Log or Dancing with Stars...or sit in patio on a rainy day and enjoy some laughs ....and also when everyone is tired and just want something quick before they take a nap ....I think every Indian home will agree that Maggi is their simple pleasure meal brings child hood memories back ,it's quick to make, it's everyones' favorite's perfect ...

Our home is no different ...we love Maggi and to make it even better my dad taught me recipe for Egg Maggi . As a delhite Maggi is a roadside meal and most vendors do sell Egg Maggie ...I think I have even heard of Egg Pakora and Meat Maggi... I think creativity is the limit when it comes to this dish ... My fav has to be Egg Maggie by dad comparison at all. He makes it with so much love that it reflects in his food.

Do share what you consider a simple pleasure meal at your home ..something you learnt from an aunt or your friend's mom...if you haven't made it in a while ...make it now and bring back your memories ...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Rain brings beauty in nature ....

Rain makes everyone happy ...including nature ....Here is a glimpse of how happy nature was in our yard ...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home Decor that tells a story ...

Home Decor is all about surrounding yourself with designs and styles that tells a story's a representation of you and your family .....the decor should inspire you and you should fall in love with it every time you look at it . The ideas for design could be from anywhere ..from Internet or from walk down the street ... from a shirt print or a painting ....similarly style could be something that is truly yours or something you inherited from your grand mother ....

I share with you a decor corner of our home ... recently found these kitchen trivet and was in love with it the moment I saw it's exciting to use decor ideas from different section of the house instead of using as what they were meant to be we turned it into home decor ...

metal with design is totally my style ...they do not match but that is even better as when you look at one it draws your attention to the other one ...

the design reminds me of henna design on the palm hangs in the guest bathroom and adds to the Indian design of the guest bedroom ....

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Shopping:Salsa Bowl

Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo and while getting my Mexican dinner groceries I started looking at some cute serving dish at the party store ... nothing in particular that I really liked .... came home and while one Internet I started searching the same .. Every home that enjoys salsa got to to have a salsa dish ...everyone say "Yeahhhh" .. Etsy is the best place to look for vintage good and no doubt I found the one I think is appropriate for a party with salsa or guacamole ....I love the simple colors and the mexican sombrero  style ...cutest is the tassel on the sides ...

FIestaaa Sombrero Ceramic Covered Salsa Bowl

FIestaaa Sombrero Ceramic Covered Salsa Bowl
Images Via : Etsy

Chips and Salsa in one hand and Margarita's on the other hand .. Life has to be good then .. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone ....