Monday, February 27, 2012

Holi Beverage Ideas

I am getting inspired by looking at these pics from Pinterest and have come up with a bunch of ideas for my Holi Party ....I thought of sharing some with you as I know you all are looking for ideas to how to make your party little different and little for fun ...

*Cute idea of serving Thandai, Indian Roohafzah, Mango Shake or any other Holi drink in milk bottles or mason jar

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                             Via: Pinterest

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                                     Via: Pinterest

* Bring colors of Holi to your party with these colorful drink. Either buy colorful drinks or make some at home with clear Kool -aid and add some fruit color.

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                                                        Via: Pinterest

*Add dash of color in your drink using fruits ...blueberry, cranberry, Mango bites ...options are endless.
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Get creative and get inspired ...Let this Holi be a special one ...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Free Printable - Holi Party Invite

If  you are planning a Holi Party ..this post is perfect for you .. In fact you do not wanna miss the whole Holi series coming up. Use this free printable to invite your friends and family this Holi .. this invite is colorful, simple yet brings all the elements of Holi together ...Easy to download and print and either mail it to them or scan it and email it out...This is perfect time to send invite as it's not to early and not to late ...Hope you all enjoy planning for Holi as much as we do at Niwas...

Click the link below and either download or print the invite ...
Holi Hai (1)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Shopping - Holi Special

Today's shopping find goes well with the most colorful time of the year is here .....Getting the house ready for Holi also means getting festive spirit all around the house ...this is the time to take out all the colorful home decor things sitting in your closet .....Holi (Indian Spring) brings another reason to decorate the house Looking at the ideas below might help ring a bell and you might say "I have something similar...why don't I take it out and use it this Holi"....Idea is to get inspired ....Let's get started then ..

Bring color inside your house with these pillows from Pier1

Taffeta Dot Pillow Embroidered Flower Patch Pillow

Allover Embroidery PillowEmbroidered Jacobean Floral Pillow

Pic Source : Pier1 

 Pic Source: companyc

stock photo : Colorful Pillows

Pic Source: Shutterstock

If you can't have a water ballon fight on Holi sure can have a pillow fight on Holi now.
We will continue Holi Shopping series in coming up Friday's. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

The night of Shiva

Ganesha, Nandi(bull) and Shivling is a treasured gift from my mom from her South India Trip. They are hand made by a cute girl ..she was learning the art from her family and selling her piece of art. I love when a part of your trip becomes the most beautiful memory ......


Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Shopping

Shopping is always a way to relax, get inspired and let your ideas go crazy ...Either you are buying a gift or just looking for one ..its always fun to see what are our options..especially in today's world of technology its even more fun to see what's available around the world that can be yours by a simple order. Most of the blogs I follow have started their small online shops and their stuff is to die for...Wondering why am I talking so much about shopping ? Well we are gonna go shopping every Friday now ....yup we will go shopping ..may be most of the time window shopping but the idea is to enjoy the creativity around us ....So get ready for Friday shopping with Niwas ...

Perfect gift for a traveller in your house.....Love these Asia Magnets, Vintage 1914 Atlas, set of 4
Shop : historicallytoo @  Etsy
Click here to check it out

Asia Magnets, Vintage 1914 Atlas, set of 4

Pic Source: Etsy

Can't wait to go shopping next Friday now and find treasures :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebration Invitation

In midst of a crazy work routine a surprise invitation card brought a smile to my face ... The invitation is from ISKON for Shivratri and Holi celebration ...I love the card design and the idea of reminding people in this busy world....As soon as I saw the card it brought nostalgic memories of India ..

A magent holds the invitation on the fridge and is a great inspiration for celebrations coming up...

Hope you all are getting excited and have lots of plans for these festivities....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Chips

Have you made Guacamole dip for appetizer ? I am sure answer is a big Yes however have you ever made it with Heart Chips ??? ... We Heart Guacamole Dip, so I decided to make this for Vday evening  ...Here is the quick recipe for the chips and dip...If you are a last minute kinda person no issue ...its will take less than 10 mins ( given have the ingredients at home)

Heart Chips
Spring Roll Pastry Sheet ( available at any Asian store)
Fold the sheet in half and cut the heart shape
Pre-heat oven at 375 F and then pop the heart shaped pastry puff for 8 minutes
Warm Heart chips are ready for your Dip

Guacamole Dip
Ripe avocado
Scoop out avocado in a bowl
Add rest of the ingredients mix well and its ready


Crisp and warm chips made at home with loves of Love...................Enjoy

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tea Love @ Niwas

There are two days in a year I really look forward too .. Valentine Day and My Birthday...of course they are special days ..however my reason of getting excited is something really different ....These are two days that my husband promises to make me a cup of Tea :) ...see the complexity is my husband doesn't drink tea ( I know all Tea Lovers are thinking WHAT!!!) he doesn't care of tea in morning or evening ....our first valentine together as a couple I asked him for one gift and that was that he will make me Tea ....I love a cup of tea on a Sunday morning ..however I only get pampered like that when my parents or in-laws are there .. with hubby its Vday and Bday
This year when I was looking for Vday card for him I came across this PERFECT card that I ordered from and it said "I love you more than......" and I filled the blanks with "my morning tea" .....I kept smiling when I was ordering and love the way this story of our got just perfect with this card. We do early Vday gifts and cards (both of us do not have the patience to hide the gift/card) it right now sits next to the alarm clock reminding him every morning how special is he to me....Thanks Card Store for such a cute car.

May be after Vday I can use this card for Tea reminders that's an idea :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Colors of Love by Mother Nature

Peach tree next door is helping me decorate Niwas with colors of Love. Flowers with a beautiful pink on a tree with no leaves is breathtaking ... I had never seen this amazing work on nature .. I remember walking in the neighborhood when I first saw it and was totally amazed and also wished if our house will have the same tree.....this tree sits in between our house and the neighbor house ......Flower start around mid Jan and are in full bloom in Feb ... Looks like Mother Nature is wishing us "Happy Valentines Day"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love @ Niwas

A pinch of joy
A dash of tenderness
A spoonful of affection
A heap of LOVE ........

Saturday, February 4, 2012

and the flower smiled...

Morning kissed the flower and he yawned "Good Morning"....

                               he was still half a sleep, still trying to open his petals

the turtle in the corner noticied the yawning flower

in between the green leaves and dry twigs

all turtle could see was a morning kissed flower

turtle kept watching the flower and then finally said "You are Beautiful"

and  the flower smiled ............

Capturing Beautiful things@ Niwas is an amazing feeling. Hope you all have an amazing feeling in all you do.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrating three year journey of Niwas ..

Ganesh Ji by meenakshi.vij
Ganesh Ji, a photo by meenakshi.vij on Flickr.
As we completes three years I decided to create a facebook page for Niwas and wlecome my friends and family to be part of Niwas. As per Indian beleives everything starts with Lord I welcome you all @Niwas with this corner. I hope you like what you see, get inspired and stay with us in this journey.