Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Shopping

Shopping is always a way to relax, get inspired and let your ideas go crazy ...Either you are buying a gift or just looking for one ..its always fun to see what are our options..especially in today's world of technology its even more fun to see what's available around the world that can be yours by a simple order. Most of the blogs I follow have started their small online shops and their stuff is to die for...Wondering why am I talking so much about shopping ? Well we are gonna go shopping every Friday now ....yup we will go shopping ..may be most of the time window shopping but the idea is to enjoy the creativity around us ....So get ready for Friday shopping with Niwas ...

Perfect gift for a traveller in your house.....Love these Asia Magnets, Vintage 1914 Atlas, set of 4
Shop : historicallytoo @  Etsy
Click here to check it out

Asia Magnets, Vintage 1914 Atlas, set of 4

Pic Source: Etsy

Can't wait to go shopping next Friday now and find treasures :)

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