Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tea Love @ Niwas

There are two days in a year I really look forward too .. Valentine Day and My Birthday...of course they are special days ..however my reason of getting excited is something really different ....These are two days that my husband promises to make me a cup of Tea :) ...see the complexity is my husband doesn't drink tea ( I know all Tea Lovers are thinking WHAT!!!) he doesn't care of tea in morning or evening ....our first valentine together as a couple I asked him for one gift and that was that he will make me Tea ....I love a cup of tea on a Sunday morning ..however I only get pampered like that when my parents or in-laws are there .. with hubby its Vday and Bday
This year when I was looking for Vday card for him I came across this PERFECT card that I ordered from and it said "I love you more than......" and I filled the blanks with "my morning tea" .....I kept smiling when I was ordering and love the way this story of our got just perfect with this card. We do early Vday gifts and cards (both of us do not have the patience to hide the gift/card) it right now sits next to the alarm clock reminding him every morning how special is he to me....Thanks Card Store for such a cute car.

May be after Vday I can use this card for Tea reminders that's an idea :)

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