Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday Shopping - Holi Special

Today's shopping find goes well with the most colorful time of the year is here .....Getting the house ready for Holi also means getting festive spirit all around the house ...this is the time to take out all the colorful home decor things sitting in your closet .....Holi (Indian Spring) brings another reason to decorate the house Looking at the ideas below might help ring a bell and you might say "I have something similar...why don't I take it out and use it this Holi"....Idea is to get inspired ....Let's get started then ..

Bring color inside your house with these pillows from Pier1

Taffeta Dot Pillow Embroidered Flower Patch Pillow

Allover Embroidery PillowEmbroidered Jacobean Floral Pillow

Pic Source : Pier1 

 Pic Source: companyc

stock photo : Colorful Pillows

Pic Source: Shutterstock

If you can't have a water ballon fight on Holi sure can have a pillow fight on Holi now.
We will continue Holi Shopping series in coming up Friday's. 

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