Saturday, August 11, 2012

Janamastmi - Krishna's Birthday Celebration

ISKON does an awesome job with their invitations for Janamastmi each year ...This year the they opened the doors via card to a beautiful picture of  Krishna ...Each year we look forward to go to the celebration but this year the card made it even more exciting ....

The decor, music , sounds of instruments can be heard far far away from the temple and as you come close the chants draw you inside the temple enter to a peaceful and calming statues of Radhe Krishna and the gorgeous decor with fresh flowers make it even more special.

The park outisde the temple is turned into vatika and just like India you have small booths that share Krishna's stories ...

There is a booth where you can feed the cow , a message board to wish Krishna Happy Birthday .....Havan kund and more. Prasad is made with love and good spirit which you can take in the food and the smiling faces of the volunteers.

It's amazing feeling to see everyone celebrating and happy and dance away on this special birthday of Lord Krishna.

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