Friday, February 26, 2010

The important "R" word

Can you put this in recycle bin ? said my husband while checking mail for the day. Me being an awesome wife did what he asked me to do. While doing so I started counting different ways we recycle stuff and I thought it will be good to share and learn ideas from my blogger friends to see how much are we doing for this planet earth .. ?

As everything starts at home here is what we do @Niwas -

1. Recycle junk mail (obviously remove the address or any plastic e.g fake credit cards etc).

2. Recycle grocery store plastic bags - our grocery store has a recycle plastic bag box in front of the store so we dump all the plastic bags there.

3. Use fabric bags for shopping

4. Recycle cardboard boxes like cereal/cookies/Rice

5. Use egg shells(for Rose) and tea bags(any other plants) for manure. Use dried leaves for mulch. Recycle batteries

8. Reuse aluminium foil(if possible) and zip lock bags (in fact anything that can be used again)

9. Garage sale :) - I think this is the best way to recycle and I am 100% in it.

10. Craiglist - Buy and sell stuff you got ...isn't that's recycling or what ??

11 At work I learnt a cool idea from our Green team - I placed a cardboard box on top of my trash can and that ways no plastic bag gets used and for trash like coffee I use the trash can in the coffee room ( I walk over there to trash any liquid items etc so I also get some walk :) Smart Girl right )
Let's hear it form you what do you do to recycle ? Even if you do one thing it counts ..don't forget to share

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend Trip

Wanted to share some pics from our fun weekend trip to Silver Springs ...its an awesome theme park with glass bottom boats, petting zoo, boat rides to the springs and much much more .. the coolest is that springs pump out 550 million gallons of sparkling-clear water a day—enough to supply the entire city of New York. The glass bottom boats gives you a beautiful view of the spring and the you see the sparkling limestone that makes the water in this spring 99.8% fresh ...yup that's the reason we can see all the water animals so nice and clear ..

Here are some views to enjoy :

I always enjoyed eating turkey dishes .. I don't know if I enjoyed watching one :)

I did enjoying watching these two cuties ......

Here is a smiling tree for you ..

I thought this was an pictured captured by my hubby

and here is someone who was watching over us

this cute little guy came right next to our jeep ride .. I wish I had a carrot to feed him

and this one just kept drying his wings

Do let me know which is your fav pic and let me know if you wanna see more :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

House Tour

Many Thanks to Patricia for featuring my house on her blog Colour Decor. I am so excited and can't wait to see more home tours on her blog. Do check her blog for some amazing decor ideas and color splash.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day of Love

Hope you guys had an awesome Vday ... and enjoyed the time with your loved ones. Love was in the air at our house and we got to spend this day with my in laws. My mother -in-law got me flowers and ice cream and chocolates .. yummy ... day ended with movie and dinner with hubby .. what else I could ask for right ? how did your day go ?