Saturday, November 6, 2010

Diwali pics

Diwali Wishes

Hope you all had a safe and happy Diwali .. We had a good time here with family and the wether getting a little chilly .... sweets turned out good, everything went as planned, house was all lit up and it smelled like festivity around .. I do miss India this time of the year but I am glad I got to spend this festival with my family ... Here are some snaps to show some decorative corners of my house .... Hope you like it ..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diwali Corner

Lights are lit up in the backyard .. you can feel the cozy weather as the evening approaches making sweets and namkeen and house is super clean feel the grace of almighty all around you ...yes its that time of the year that we wait for ...its Diwali ....

With as busy as I can be ..I am trying to find time and decorate the little Corner's of my house...I was able to do one this evening so thought to sit down and share with you all . I can't wait to light up the candles on Diwali night and take pictures again ...Ganesha on the entrance and candles so welcoming ..colors of fall and Diwali will surely welcome Lakshmi Ji and all the guest in our house ...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Count down to Diwali

* There are lots of things to be done in so little time ...was waiting for Halloween day to be over to decorate the house with Diwali lights that starts tomorrow

* Clean the house - done ( I know I am surprised too )

* Shine up the silver - in progress

* Methai to decide - already decided to make Coconut Burfi, Kalakand and Rasgullas :)

* Fireworks - Already have from last years so we are good

* Gifts - for family and friends ..pretty much done...

*Pooja samagari- good to go

*Grocery shopping - pending...

* What to wear- still deciding

* Candle shopping-done

the list goes on.. I think I am kinda ready because of my parents being here as they are a big help in cleaning to cooking...It's gonna be a special one as mom dad are here and its Diwaliiiiiiiiiiii

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of planning Baby Shower for My Sister -in-law ...We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet the new arrival ... I had so much fun looking for ideas and came across some really nice blogs. Trust me I don't know what we did without Google :)

Here are some snaps and details for the Decor

Entrance of the house welcome guest with Baby Shower sign ...

I was able to make the center piece using the stuff available at home ..some branches from backyard ..a garden pot...fabric flowers and print out of the word "Baby Girl" sister-in -law decided to decorate this in baby's room .. I am so excited it part of my nieces room :)

Here is the food table ...I look a pink fabric and folded it as runner to keep the pink and white theme ..some wine glasses with pink ribbon wrapped around it to bring warmth to the room labels hand made with baby feet punched in them ..some of the appetizers includes .. meat balls/spinach wrap/deviled eggs/cream puffs/mini-cheese-cake etc fav was deviled eggs presentation ..instead of using a standard platter I tool soup spoons and served deviled eggs in that ...again use what you already have in the house :)

We also hung baby clothes to add to the decor .. invitation card was onsie so this decor connected the whole celebration. The clothes hanging were gift to mom -to-be

Some fresh pink flowers mom-to-be and blocks reading the work girl .. simple design that helped decorate the corners.

and last but not least the cake .. it was adorable..Sam's club did such a good job and it was very reasonable ...the baby on top was a keep sake for mom .. I think baby is adorable ..

Party favors cookies for the guest that read " Thanks for Showering Kim and Deepak with Sweetness" .. I will upload the picture soon for that .. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and got some ideas for your parties coming up soon ....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Special Gift

It's been such a while that I stopped , sat down to write something ..Life is busy and 24 hours in a day is not enough ..But I wanted to do a post for a special gift that I received yesterday on my Birthday Party ..My 4 year old Niece hand painted a Bird House for me ..I thought it was very special and I told her that I will find a perfect place in my home to decorate it ..while looking for a special corner .. I came across a saying in our guest bedroom( which was gift from my sister-in-law and brother also) and I knew that was the perfect place for the Birdhouse ..see for yourself and I am sure you will also the same two words .."Awww Perfect"...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Thanks!!

To my favorite blog .. The Key Bunch for featuring my Home on their blog ... Many Thanks to The Key Bunch for letting me showcase the corner of our Home .. I love their Home Tour section where I get to see different design ideas from all the home makers around the world .. Please do visit their blog its a special one :)

Here is the link to see my Home Tour ...before you click I have three words to say "Welcome to Niwas" ....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden 2010

We planted some seeds and gave little water .. we watched them grow ... saw the flower first and then the baby and waited awhile.. then finally they were ready.... yes I am taking about the Tomatoes in our garden .. this is our first year of setting up a garden in our backyard and are so excited to see the final results .. my parents-in-law did most of the hard work now me and my husband are enjoying the result :) we have Tomatoes/Watermelon/Butternut Squash/Mint/Coriander growing .. for now pics of Tomatoes and Watermelon :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Bathroom Decor

Here is a glimpse of my Summer bath room theme .. I have been collecting stuff here and there and the Sea Shell are from our trip to the beach this year .. and some from my in-laws trip to Andaman ... I just love the natures decor that we can incorporate in our house .... look at the seashell that I wrapped around the candle and it turned a simple white candle into a beach house candle :)

and check out the Sea Shell sitting above medicine cabinet ..

and the ship in this pic is from garage sale .. and so are the fish .. seashell is from Andaman a collection of decor from nature and cool finds decorate my guest bathroom this summer .. I am enjoying the decor .. and home you enjoyed the pics too ..

Blessings by Mom

I have to share two special additions to my Home decor ... the reason they are special is they are from the two most wonderful Mom's in the world .. My mom and My Mother -in -law...

The first one is the oil painting that my mother-in-law did for us ... the color of Ganesha is perfect for our home and his grace is something we can feel in our home:) .. She made another one that I am planning to decorate around Diwali time .. so stay tuned for that ..

and the second gift is from my mom .. she gifted me this beautiful Ganesha bell on her visit last time here .. I found a perfect place for it in my dinning room ..

I love the way it decorates the house but also remind you to pray every time you look around the house ...its positive feeling that circles around the house and its mom's blessing that our family is blessed with...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Pic ..

I came across this pic that I look few months back and I thought it was worth sharing .... it was taken near a lake on a cold Feb evening .. doesn't the evening look so beautiful ? Sometimes you capture a moment that you appreciate later ...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

California Calling ...

When life gets busy and you get a chance to escape ....take it .. so did I .. Life has been busy at work and I was so looking for a vacation ..and to relax .we are here visting the Wine country .. I have seen people wearing I Heart San Fransisco Tshirts and trust me want one of those now .. weather was awesome and views were to die for ..... clouds dancing by your face and the view of pacific made you stop and enjoy the beauty of nature Napa Valley birds taking and the long and never ending view of grape plantation downtown San Francisco the busy street .. street performer ...cable car ... no matter how many pictures I click and share there are so many other things that I captured in my heart and mind ... I love that this place is surrounded with so many things and is busy but you can go out few miles and their is the relax .. natural side of this state. I definitely would like to come back and enjoy more time here for now its what I am leaving with the memories of San Francisco ....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Color galore

Few shots from our Atlanta trip last weekend .. weather was awesome and views were amazing because of mother nature ..clear blue sky and splashes of red/green/pink/white on ground made me take few pics and share with you all ... Have a colorful day ...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Awesome Painter

Yup its here ... Beautiful weather ...pretty color around you .. evening to walk and say Hello to neighbours. Enjoy the cup of tea while sitting outside and let the breeze play with your hairs ... We took this picture on a weekend trip to Sea World Orlando ... I think we took more pictures of the beautiful color that nature was dressed with rather than the awesome animals there .. well all I can say ..God is a an awesome painter :)

Hope everyone enjoyed time with family on Easter and said your prayers thanking the almighty above.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


* the change in weather

* birds talking

* company that I have

* some new recipes

* sun ....

* evening walks

* trips to Wisconsin

* playing cards

* weekend trips with in laws

Hope you are enjoying what your are doing ... like reading this post right now :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hanging Plates

Wanna know an easy way of hanging plates on walls using stuff that you already have in your house ? Glue a ribbon using super glue etc and here you have it .. I did mine a month back and it looks great on my kitchen wall...

We Won ...

Last weekend we had a art fair in town and one of the booth was doing raffle for a fund raiser. Prizes included ceramic art pieces hand made by University of Floria students and professors and we won ... yepeee.. This is perfect for my kettle collection and the clouds with rain is an awesome collection to our home decor...