Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Shopping: Drink Stir Sticks

Everyone loves to entertain and enjoy a drink with friends and share a laugh .. gossip a little bit and catch up with what is going on in their life ....It's even more fun when your guest appreciate your collection  and ask you where did you get it from .. and it starts a new topic and you feel proud to share your story....To add to your collection are these amazing beaded drink stir sticks ...
Beautiful Lampwork Swizzle Sticks . Drink Stir Sticks . by Lori Davidson . Very Glassy Gifts
Image via: Etsy

and how about  these cow stir sticks with bells
Glass Cow w Brass Bell Swizzle Stir Sticks 6pcs
Image Via: Etsy

or these beautiful glass sticks 
Glass Cocktail Stirrers / Swizzle Sticks / Drink Stir Sticks / Fused Glass - Groovy Flowers 
Image via: Etsy
Expand your collection and stir up the party real well and I bet you ..your guest are gonna talk about your collection for next coming parties for sure ...

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