Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hoppy Easter from cutest bunnies in town ...

Easter @ Niwas has been cutest thing this year for me ...It was a proof again that how simple things can change the feel and bring festivities in your home ....Here is how it started ...While enjoying the walk in backyard I stepped over a twig, I almost threw it away when I gave it another glance ...I had heard about Easter tree's but never made one myself I started digging in my closet as I remembered buying  colorful wooden bunnies and eggs ...on bringing the twig and bunnies together it looked like a perfect match ...It almost felt like Christmas as if I was hanging the ornaments add some color and elements purple paper flowers  on the twig did the final trick ...this cute tree sits near our front door to welcome family and friends and wish them " Hoppy Easter" .....

Ceramic Easter with the baby was a garage sale find which almost broke last year .. the rosy cheeks and the love in their eyes didn't allow me to throw it away 

Flower's and Egg
Bunny in a Waster Can Car

Eggs all over


This one is my favorite.. bunny Flying airplane

Bunny holding the flower

Bunny with Egg

Easter Tree

Carrot and bunny

Keep it simple and Keep it close to your heart is the moral for me with this decor ..  Enjoy your home with family and friends this Easter ....Love Niwas

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