Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Every home has a simple pleasure meal .... something that everyone likes and can eat any day . it's called simple pleasure not just because it's simple to cook but because it brings those pleasures in life that are simply simple :)  Meals that you eat with family while watching episode of  Hum Log or Dancing with Stars...or sit in patio on a rainy day and enjoy some laughs ....and also when everyone is tired and just want something quick before they take a nap ....I think every Indian home will agree that Maggi is their simple pleasure meal brings child hood memories back ,it's quick to make, it's everyones' favorite's perfect ...

Our home is no different ...we love Maggi and to make it even better my dad taught me recipe for Egg Maggi . As a delhite Maggi is a roadside meal and most vendors do sell Egg Maggie ...I think I have even heard of Egg Pakora and Meat Maggi... I think creativity is the limit when it comes to this dish ... My fav has to be Egg Maggie by dad comparison at all. He makes it with so much love that it reflects in his food.

Do share what you consider a simple pleasure meal at your home ..something you learnt from an aunt or your friend's mom...if you haven't made it in a while ...make it now and bring back your memories ...

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