Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Shopping : Wall Clock

Does each room in your home has its own wall clock ? If yes, you love these greatest inventions and a small yet powerful home decor piece. Any guest in your home looks at the clock ... so this piece has to be elegant and stylish. When shopping for one do not just buy a clock .. buy the one that works with the room ... that enhance the wall it sits on. Every home has their style .. like my nephew and nieces have the clock that makes noise of a bird every hour ... it also has the picture of the birds ... I thought that was a cool one and will love to find one for my patio ( yes patio needs one too might attract some birds in our backyard too)... I found these two for you i think works great for a family room and kids room .. come check it our for yourself and see what you think.

Wood carved wall clock "Tulips"
Image Via: Etsy

The "Baby Lime Green Elephant" designer wall mounted clock from LeLuni
Image Via: Etsy

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