Monday, March 19, 2012

Mango Salsa and Salmon

Sunday evening we were completely out of dinner ideas we started asking each other " what do you want for dinner?" ..."you tell me..." "nope you tell me " ....we kept asking each other but we knew that 20 minutes more into this discussion we will end up eating Maggi(our saviour) ....So we went grocery shopping and found salmon on sale .. ..I LOVE Salmon and by brain decided on its own..... that is what we are gonna have for dinner .....45 minutes later we enjoyed Salmon with Mango Salsa  and herb rice with a glass of wine ... Here is a pic and recipe ...I am sure you all have had delicious last minute changes ....

Mango Salsa:
1 cup mango cubes
1 tsps lemon juice
Fresh cilantro

4 cup Cooked Rice
1/4 cup Fresh Herb (I used cilantro.. you can use what is available to you)
1 tsps Lemon Juice
Chat Masala (available at any Indian grocery store)

Salmon(or any other fish)
Coriander Power (available at any Indian grocery store)
Black Pepper
Olive oil

1. Prepare Mango Salsa by mixing mango cubes,lemon juice and cilantro. Set aside for flavours to mix.
2. Mix cooked rice, fresh herbs, lemon juice and chat masala. Mix well and warm in microwave.
3.Coat both sides of salmon with mixture of coriander power, salt, black pepper.
4. Heat pan for 2-3 minutes on medium. Add olive oil and let it heat up. Place salmon skin side first and set timer for 3 minutes. Do not turn fish till side is done. Turn the fish and let it cook evenly on other side.
5. You know fish is ready when it has reached 145 degree (F) or fish flakes easily.
6. Serve dish by placing rice on plate, place fish on top and mango salsa on fish ...

Enjoy with a glass of wine and family and friends :)

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