Saturday, January 14, 2012

Music in the house

Last week we had prayers (Bhajan) at our house .. their is something spiritual with the whole expeirence .. house filled with incense smell and semolina sweet (Sooji Halwa)...everyone singing with each other and welcoming the New Year with almighty's grace ..Kids also had a great time and were clapping to the rhythm of songs ..

After bhajan we skyped with my brother and showed my nephew the musical instruments and his face lit up. He sang his nursery rhymes for us while mom played dholki (picture below).. My 5 year old niece also sang Jingle Bell and Old McDonald with dholki and enjoyed us singing hindi songs on Lohri. She was cold and wasn't feeling good but stayed with us outside near born fire and sang with us .. I started thinking next day that it is a great way to teach kids songs and rhymes that we grew up .. they will also build confidence singing in front of crowd and will make memories .. all this by just using musical instrument in the house ? ... Isn't this the easiest thing we can do ...I love the idea and will use it for sure in our house .... Hope you can bring some music to your house too ...

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