Sunday, January 15, 2012

Instant India

During my college days I remember mom making Nescafe Instant Coffee for the kids .... at 12 in the night so that we all could study and keep our eyes open... ( mom makes the best one can beat that) ..That's about pretty much what I had seen as far as instant food/drink in India .. then we also started seeing MTR ready to eat food and Pillsbury's Pressure Cooker Cake ....At least in our house we didn't use a lot of instant/ready to eat kind of products .. not that we are against or anything it's just that we didn't ....When my mom came this year she brought something that was instant and she wanted me to try ... I wanted to but didn't get a chance.. then on a recent get together with friends mom reminded me of the Instant pack of Tamrind Chutney that she brought for me .." I can make fresh chutney for you if you want or do you want to try the packets I got for you? " ... she asked me in the kitchen .. "Mom is it good ? Should we try at home first" I said ... "Oh its very good" she promised... I took her word and tried it ...Mom are always right was the best instant chutney I had ever tried ...All I had to do was cook the powder in one cup waster for 10 mins and Ta-Da your instant tamrind chutney is ready ... What will we do without our mom's ... always guiding us with best things... If you happen to be in India or have family coming over this is a must if you are a tamrind chutney fan ... I think it's a cute gift for Diwali basket as well ...Ideas Ideas :)


  1. really?? I got an instant green chutney last week.. and it wasnt good at all.. I've lost my confidence in these.. really!! Im not an instant person.. I either know to make them.. (most of the time.. I don't).. then I go the near by restaurant.. ;-)

    Meenakshi.. where have you been?? I haven't seen you around in a long time..

  2. @ Patty I am with you i am not an instant girl but this thing was to die for that is why I thought of doing a post in my blog. You will love it ...

    I have been busy @ work ..I am glad I have some breather now ..I have to catch with you and all the blogger friends. Hope life is amazing at your end.