Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Harvest - Happy Lohri

One of the thing that I remember about Lohri was whole family sitting around fire and trying to barbeque Shakargandi (Sweet Potatoes) ...I do not think we were ever successful but it was fun to try it every year with different ideas. The mixture of Mungfali ( Roasted Peanuts) and Revari ( Seasme and Jaggery sweet) plate and eating peanuts all night long and cleaning the stack of shell next day is something still fresh on my mind...Being festive time the Band Wala's would show up uninvited on your door and would play the latest song till you gave some tip ..( I love India :) ...We continue to do the same here @ Niwas where our families get together and eat dinner together and dance and eat peanuts together ...Last year my brother's family brought stuff to make Smores ....With peanuts all around Squirrels next day have a party in out backyard and they seems to can't wait for this festivals to be back ..just like us. I love the simplicity of this festival yet it brings and builds so much memories with family and friends ... Wishing Happy Lohri to everyone ...

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