Saturday, October 10, 2009

One corner of my house ...

Diwali preparations have started at Sood Niwas :) .. I was able to complete one corner of living room. Please ignore the time stamps ... I was using a new camer and didn't realize the stamps where there. I bought this frame for garage sale and it was too big for all the pictures I have so I came up with the plan of displaying our wedding cards. As you all know for Indian weddings there are two cards ( one groom side/one bride side) ... this frame was perfect to display both cards at the same time :) ...I like the orange and red combination and it definitely personalizes the room.

Orange mat was another garage sale find ... I actually have these mats in lots of helps in bring color to the room and I like the way it ties the frame with the table ...

pink tassel wrapped around the glass candle holder to bring more color and the candle sitting on upside candle holder finishes the look. I love how this turned out ... I hope you like it too ..


  1. beautiful corner.. the colours are ever so inspiring!!

  2. @Lakshmi - I hope you are enjoying the festive time too ... Happy Decorating!!

    @Patty - I am gla dyou liked the colors ... can't wait to see your decor .. what color do you have in mind ?

  3. Meenakshi,thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.please do tune to celebrations for more images and ideas.

  4. Hi Meenakshi,
    Nothing can be more lovely than a cozy personal corner like yours ... you're all geared up ,looks like... love the colors and I especially like the cards in the frame ... so intimate ... love it all... :)

  5. Can't wait to celebrate your first married Diwali with you and Nalin!!!!