Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Karva Chauth

I can't believe I did it :) I am such a foody and drink lot of water so Karva Chauth day was a big thing for me. I did so good man that I have to brag about it ...I didn't even think of food and water :).While sitting at the pooja and listening to the story you realize that you are a married women who is so lucky to have a husband who loves her alot .. I think its the feel of I am happily married ...I don't know it was my first one so that's what I felt :) ... I did miss both my Mom's as they would have made this day even more special day. The sad part was ... my husband is away for training :( not fair for any Karva Chauth and especially not the first one ... I am now waiting for lovely moon to show up so that I dig into my food :) Hope all you lovely ladies had an amazing KarvaChauth and dazzled away with your outfits.... let me know how it went


  1. Oh , so sorry for you that your beloved one was not has happened so many times with me,on bdys,anniversaries.but it happens ...

  2. Hey Lakshmi - its hard man .. after all you look forward to these celebration to spend time with family and hwne they are not there its not the same ... I hope everyone gets to be close with their family all the time :)