Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Devil's Milhopper

Last weekend we decided to explore a sink hole in our small little town .. its called Devil's Milhopper was an interesting place with around 250 stair steps. Weather was perfect and it was the best day to explore it since no bugs were out to bite us ...checkout the b/w view of the sinkhole ...

wanna know how old it is ?

looking at nature this close if very interesting .. if we would have gone on a rainy day we would have seen small water falls ... I think it was a good idea to get out of the house and enjoy some hours out in nature ...

we walked the steps and then did the trail and then headed home niece found some leaves on her trail walk and we came home with these pictures and some leaves in our hand .. and not to forget the good time we had there :)


  1. I loved the sound of all the little water falls in the sink hole. Thanks for inviting us to join you on your adventure.

  2. Hey Kim bhabhi ..

    I am glad we went there together ... we need to do more of these fun weekend things ..:)