Monday, June 15, 2009


We have our family friends (Vishal and his mom) coming for dinner this Wednesday and I am kinds excited coz I will be meeting Vishal's Mom for the first time. My husband keeps talking about them and tell me stories about Vishal and him playing cricket and watching movies together ...he so wnated to meet them so we invited them for dinner. As soon as I heard they are coming the cook in me started planing ab food so here is the plan so far ..
Butter Chicken
Mixed Veg
Fresh homemade Naan ( yup I make it..) and Rice

and for desert....Starwberry Short Cake ..yumo !..

Hope they like it .. can wait to meet them....

oh btw I am cleaning the house like crazy hehe ... last minute cleans to do ...


  1. home made naan... sounds mouth watering ...

  2. haha yup you are welcome anytime Aseem for some home made naan :)