Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last weekend we enjoyed the sunny weather of Atlanta Georgia. From Downtown Atlanta to Coke Factory ... from Stone Mountain to CNN towers it was total fun ... we also found this Patel Plza which is nothing but Indian strip .. here is a pic

and then enjoyed the Indian buffet at Mirch Masala .. food was good and guess what we had Pan ... brought back memory of school days when dad and me go for a walk and dad would buy the strong kinds and will get me the kids version of pan ..

Train ride took you around the stone mountain and helped us cool off ... we also did 4D movie which was kinda interesting since I have never done it before and we ended the day by watching spectacular Lazer show . We had a great time in Atlanta and made good memories in our book of Life :)

Here is the link to Flickr to see Atlanta in Black and White :)

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