Tuesday, June 30, 2009

25 reason to love Summer

Its funny how we just say oh summers are too hot and don't really look at the positive side of this weather .. so here we go lets talk positive for a while...you will find most of the points as childhood memories ... I guess it will help me in enjoying this and coming summers the way I used to do when I was a kid...

25 # Nimbu Pani (Desi Lemonade).....

I am game for two drinks anytime Nimbu Pani and Tea ... I remember I used to come back from school in the hot sun and the first thing I would do is make Nimbu Pani ... simple recipe and simple joy ...oh Summers is here!!!

Recipe : Mix 1/2 Fresh lemon juice /2 Cup water/2 tablespoon Sugar/ Crushed ice/ Stir and Enjoy :)

24# Cooler ...

Remember those days where filling up cooler was so much fun coz then you get to enjoy the cool breeze ...Cleaning coolers every year ... Things have changed and AC has taken over but you can't disagree that it was fun no matter how much work it was :)

23# Rain ...

First rain and all the kids would run out of their house to enjoy it .... didn't care abt muddy feet and getting sick the motto was to have fun ...its been a while I did that how about you ?

22# Paper Boat #

(....in continuation to the 23#) making paper boats in the water puddle and watching it sink haha so much fun ... oh summers is here !!!

21# Chuski

Don't tell me you don't know what am I taking about ...it's that very old colorful crushed ice thing. Do worries about the hygiene and how bad they are for you .. what we cared was which color to get this time :)

20# Watering plants

After a hot sunny day when are plants are dry and week , watering plants was so much relaxing ... as soon as you start they start swinging saying "Thank You" and bringing cool breeze for you

19# Kites

15th Aug and at least a month before from 4 PM to 6 PM you would find almost 80% of kids in India on top of the terrace. Yes you are right they don't care how much hot it is as they have something else more imp ... to cut as many opponent kites as possible and go back home with double the amount of kites they brought .. My brother Amit was amazing at this and we used to be together on the terrace and flew kites all evening ...the sky looks amazing with all the colors and shapes of the kite.

18# India Gate

If you have lived in Delhi you know what I am talking about ... going to India gate with family in night just to eat ice cream ...Fun Days !!!

17# Light Gayi !!! ( No Power)

Sounds terrible right no power but do you know how much fun it was for kids ? No studies as no power so run out and play with friends in dark. Then sleep outsides since it is cooler outside and then wake up as soon as sun is up ...and yes the power is back up now so go inside and sleep again :)

16# Summer Vacation

Counting days for Summer vacation to start and make science projects for homework and haha the cursive handwriting :)

15# Morning Walks

As soon as summer vacation start make plans with friends to go on morning walks and jog around ....

14# Phalse

Kinda blackberry but very tart .. kale kale phalse bade rasile phalse ...

13# Ganderi(Sugercane cubes)

Thirst Quencher ....cheap and good

12# Cotton

College days Wearing cotton kurta's to cool you off

11# Vacation with family

Masurie/Vaishno Devi ...time with family

10# Champak/Sabu and Chacha Chowdari

haha the Archive comics of India ...very entertaining

9# Kulfi

Did you eve play the game where you select a color and push the slot if the color matches you get two Kulfi .. haha it was awesome ..good treat on a summer evening

8# Hair cut

Keeping yourself cool

7# Refrigerator

I don't know if you can relate to this but on a really hot day I would just open the refrigerator and stand in front to get some cool air ... hehe

6# Faluda ....

oh man divine taste a divine experience ...

5# Watermelon

For lunch you get a big watermelon and the whole get to enjoy it ...good old days man

4# Thanda Thanda Pani ( Ice Ice Baby)

Taking shower in cold water and singing songs so loud that even neighbors can hear :)

3# Ice Cream Wala

Every evening at exactly same time Ice Cream wala bhaiya was there on the same corner of the street surrounded by kids buying Orange bar,Mily Bar, Choco Bar ...

2# Leechi ...

Summer cuisine from God ... it was expensive but worth every single penny

1# Mango (aaammm)

This has to be my favorite ...eating dozens of mangoes and then your skin breaks out ...no issues anything for mangoes ...not just any mangoes Indian Mangoes.

Do let me know what you love abt Summer ...

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