Saturday, January 1, 2011

Things I learnt

Inspired by this post from Artnlight: Things I learnt in 2010 .. I asked myself what did I learn ...nothing came striking at once .. but when the flashback started I did realize what a year it was this post was best for me to start a new year ...

1. Forgive - It's ok to forgive when someone makes a mistake ..... what you get in return is priceless .... and when you look back at the issue you realize that it was not as big as it seemed.

2. Pray - Always have time to pray ...remember that almighty is always listening to you ...take a moment and say your prayers ...

3. Travel - If you can travel as many places as you can .. you never know if you will ever get a chance again or not ...if your body will allow you to walk on a trail or climb 50 steps ...if you can today go for it ..
4. Enjoy - everything around you ..the beauty in nature, the birds talking ..your home .. even if it needs some old t shirt that you wore in college .. you have two options either to enjoy them or not .. why not go with the first option ..

5. Guardian Angel -yes there are guardian angel all around you .. you just have to keep your eyes and ears open to see and listen to them will see them as your friends and family .. you are blessed to have them in your life and they will be there when you need them .....

I am sure when you look back there are lots of things that you learnt or are Thankful for .. take a moment and make sure you think about them ... Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 11

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  1. truly an amazing list!!

    Hope you have a rocking year ahead!!