Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Recent Trip

I have been traveling last few weeks and have seen so many interesting things and ate awesome food ..that I have to share ... We went to Epic training in Wisconsin and have no words to describe the awesome job they have done in setting up the training environment. It's spread out on around 500 acres ( yes 500 no typo) and the decor is from local artist,stores like pier one and garage sales. As soon as I read that I was like awesome they like to find treasures like we do .. so here are just some of the things that I could capture between my breaks

awesome jute side table ( I want one ...)

This pearl center piece
This is very interesting I would explain a thing just read the tile on the picture below this one and come back to this picture and you will go hmm interesting

here is another on of my favorite it reads "Sense of Balamce"

and here is one thing that I didn't know about and thought it was an interesting story ...

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Pail and Shovel Party promised that, if elected to student government, they would move the Statue of Liberty to Lake Mendota, and they made good on their promise.
In February 1979 an astonishing sight appeared on Wisconsin’s Lake Mendota. The top of the Statue of Liberty seemed to emerge from the icy water. Astonished local residents flocked to the lake to witness the bizarre spectacle. It was not a mirage. It was, instead, one of the most famous college pranks of all time. ( Source:

Epic has a picture if the same on one of their walls ..

Isn't it an interesting trip ? .. trust me I saw a lot and ate a lot and have so many inspirations of now .. I have few pending projects at home that I need to finish .. will post some soon ...


  1. wow... that was surely an interesting trips.. I just love trainings... specially if the place is so amazing!!

  2. yup it was very interesting and they had awesome quits made by local artist .. when I go next time I will have to take some more pics of the art'n'craft...

  3. oh I need to get the multiple personalities one - no you don't - yes we do - oh will you two knock it off! lol

  4. @Simran - hehe I knowmy mind said the same thing :) ..btw I move your name ..