Sunday, September 20, 2009

I miss ...

* Diwali shopping with mom

* Diwali cleaning ( for some reason especially cleaning the fan ..)

* Getting scared by sudden burst of firework by neighbor's kids :)

* Going mithai shopping with dad

* Hugging my dog "Dorgy" as he used to get so scared with fireworks sound

* Firework shopping with my brother

* Getting excited about Diwali gifts

* Deciding what to wear

* Lajpat Nagar market chaos

* Decorating house with lights

* Small kids selling diya and cotton buds

* Diwali pooja

* My brother keep a bucket of water outside the house ... just in case if someone catches fire

* Diwali sms :)

* Waiting to see what will be Diwali gift from the company I used to work for ..

* Dad decorating the temple with candles and diya

* My brothers and I giggling when mom used to do the prayers ...

* Someone knocking on the door in middle of prayers

* Getting Henna done

List is long and eyes are wet ...but I am glad I have good memories and more of make ... This is my first Diwali after my marriage and I am sure I will enjoy and make lots of more good memories... I know its still few weeks away but I wish everyone a very "Happy Diwali" ....enjoy this festive time and spend time with family ... take pictures and go out shopping ..clean house ... buy gifts ...send Diwali cards to distance relative .. call them and see what they are doing this Diwali ...and most important .. don't forget to Thank God for giving so much that we can make good memories ...


  1. aaawww... Meenakshi... I know exactly how you feel.. My brother lives in Sydney.. and write a very similiar, longer list all the time.... Festivities or not... he is always missing something about home & some special moments with mom...

    Dont worry.. you'll still have a great time....

  2. Heeeeey Meenakshi,I went through the same for many years ... and when it wouldn't go I figured to call all our friends over for a Diwali do ... I used to create all the same rukus before Diwali ... put up th lights ... when all around people wondered I may be nuts since its not Christmas ... and I would declare ... DIWALI ... it was fun how all around people used to be sooo curious ... I used to even sport my salwar kameez and sarees ... it amazing how many more friends I made each year around Diwali ...and finally when I left US... the question was ... Shit! ... now what will we do for Diwali ... try it have call your friends over and add as many new ones as possible ... it feels a little better ... Hope that helps ... :)

  3. Thanks girls for cheering me up ... I will make sure I have th best of it .. also thanks a ton for getting the Diwali spirit .. I am just loving every second of it :)

  4. Meenakshi,nice post.It did make me miss my home and all that was wonderful down the nostlagic posts like this