Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coutdown begins....

Coutndown begins for Diwali .. 1 month left and so much to do ... and in between we have Navratri and Dushera coming up .. I love this time of the year where weather is changing and you can feel the spirit of festival's in the air. Early morning get a little chilly and water starts feeling cold :) ..I am still collecting stuff for Diwali decor and have some great ideas that I can't wait to show .. at least I know what sweets I am is US you can buy sweets from India Grocery store but they don't taste same as home :( I try and make and bring the taste of home at this festive time ...
So plan so far is
* Coconut Burfi (our fav)
* Ras Malai
* Rasgulla
* Jalebi
* Cashew Burfi
For now lets enjoy some of the images of these yummy sweets :)


  1. oh... yummm... now I'm craving a jalebi as well...

  2. Oh Dear, I am drooling and not really in a mood to watch the calories ... that coconut burfi... drool-drool ...

  3. Hey Patricia,

    Jalebi was my fav good as growing up :) ...What are you planning on making ?

    Rajee ..

    Oh man this is the time of the year where you don't care about calories .. eat and enjoy .... trust me excitement is so high that we won't even gain weight :)