Thursday, July 30, 2009

Radhe Krishna ...


I remember growing up watching Shree Krishna every Sunday morning with the entire family. Tittle track of the serial was so beautiful that you could not stop singing with it... volume so high that all your neighbor and the sabzi wala on street (vegetable vendor) could hear it.

On Janmashtami day(birth of Lord Krishna) spending the whole day making Janmashtami outside the house and decorating with whatever toys all kids had. As the evening approached we lit up the decoration with candles and Diyas (earthen lamps) and wait for people to stop by .... get excited when they liked our decoration and think we did a good job. I wish I still could do it ... since I am not sure I will be able to so I decided to celebrate this festival through my blog ... ...14th August is this holy day and I wish you and your family Happy Janmashtami ...


  1. Any plans to impress people with ur decorations there?

  2. Thanks for the idea let me try something :)

  3. Yeah... I'm sure U will come up with somethings to make people stop by. Do blog those pictures too

  4. Wish you and Nalin Happy Janmashtami !! Any plans today?

  5. Hey Madhavi ...

    Happy Janmashtami to you too ... I made peda's and also decorated for Janamashtami .. will upload the pics soon on the blog. We might go to the Radhe Krishna temple in the evening. I miss home so much during the festive time :( ...but no issues I am happy that I get to celebrate it here :) .. what are your plans ?