Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th July Weekend

Bags were packed and we were ready to go ... first stop Sai Temple ... took Baba's blessing and headed to Tampa. Enjoyed the architectural details at Henry Plant museum and took lots of inspiration for decorating the house. Next was Big Cat Rescue .. it was a guided tour for 90 minutes and they take you around showing all the Cat family ( Tiger, Lion, Bob cat, Ligar and lot more) that have been resuced and are now been take care by this nonprofit organization. I really enjoyed the tour and I thought money was well spent as it is going to a non profit org and they need this money to take care of the Big Cats. Ybour city is the next place we enjoyed, its a hipee kinds area lots of Hukaa Bars and hand rolled cigar ... night clubs ..people suggested getting out of that place before 10 so thats what we did. Next day we started with Heritage Village which was collection of houses,school,grocery store from 1800's all together in home place. The most interesting was a csh register which still works .. no electricty nothing all mechanical and still works.

Botanical garden was next but since it was no hot we decided to spend not more than 20 minutes and head to Aquarium. The best part tickets were 1/2 off. Enjoyed the sea creatures and nature for a while. We then found a good place to sit to enjoy the fireworks. On the Tampa water side we enjoyed the 4th Juky evening I think they did a good job.. check out for yourself

Third day started will walk on the beach and St Pete Pier. Took some pictures and enjoyed the morning and then we headed to Hindu Temple is huge and very nicely done. Thne Indian grocery store since its cheaper than our's and then of course Indian buffet .. after your tummy is full what do you do ...sleep :) thats exactly what I did while my husband drove us back home. I hope you had a geart time with family and a Happy 4th July.


  1. Wow, thats quite a holiday.... amazing.... u guys are making good use of all the time.... Njoy & Rock On.... :)

  2. Thanks!! we love our weekend trips and can't wait to explore more of US.