Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Shopping: Spice Rack

Have you ever noticed that we keep talking about bringing color to our homes and we sometime have colors stored in containers in pantry ...yup I am talking about our Spices ...we have a range of colors when it comes to spices and we can use them for decor and also our day to day work ...I love how the display below allows you to personalise it by a message on chalk board ...

Kitchen Chalkboard Magnetic Spice Rack - Foodie Fun, Wall Mount Menu Board, Custom Chalk Board Wall Decor
Image Via: Etsy

Or just for our husbands we can spell out the spices so that they can make us a dish or two sometimes ..(hint hint to my husband at least )....I love the red and rustic brown and shades of greens earthy and yet such a delight to see ... the shapes and size add another dynamics to the decor ......If I were to add a specie for dash of color it has to be turmeric ... Hope you imagination is already going wild as to which spices will work for your home.

Chalkboard Magnetic Spice Rack - Custom Wall Mount Kitchen Organization, Chalk Board Menu Sign
Image Via: Etsy

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