Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hindi Ornament

  While decorating my Christmas tree this year I thought of making ornaments for my nieces ..When I sat down to think what can I make I had lots of ideas ...however each idea ended with the same thought .. well they can but that from Target,Pier1 etc .. so what can Aunt Meenakshi make that is special ..So I had felt ribbon, embroidery thread ... my niece Kate is a year old .. I made a felt onsie ..but how was that special ...?? common Aunt Meenakshi you can do better ...while sitting at the dinning room table and talking to mom I said why don't I make the initial of her first name "K" on onsie ...and then my hindi instinct grew and I decided to make the same letter in hindi ...It started to look cute so I added a hanger on the onsie made with floral wire ...look for yourself and see what you think ? I will post template and instructions soon .. but all you creative folks out there you get an idea and I am sure if you like it you have already started making it :)

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