Sunday, October 23, 2011

Diwali for Kids

With all the preparation all around we get so busy that we tend to forget how special is Diwali for kids. Specially abroad kids are anyways not exposed to Indian culture that it becomes important to do something special so that they can learn and enjoy at the same time. Few things that I like my niece to do are:

1. Coloring Pages : There are a bunch of websites online that allow you to print the cards and coloring pages that kids can color One side that really like is :. They also include Bhaiya Dhooj printable which is so special.

2. You Tube: Watching Diwali videos online gives them the exposure of how to festival is celebrated in India  and they ask questions coz they minds are inquisitive. Here  is one links that I like:

3. Craft: Making craft things like Happy Diwali sign, decorating diyas and flower arrangement around the house. My sister in law lets her decorate the fruit basket with fruits and flower.

The idea is to keep kids involved and think about this festival and ask question ...when they grow up what you do now is what you will see them doing in their house on Happy Diwali

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