Monday, August 10, 2009

Tag Tag

Came across Prashant's and saw that he tagged everyone ... so what did I do ? I played the game it was so much fun ... hehe you actually have to think (didn't do that in a long time ;) ).. read on and tell me how I did

1. What is your name: Meenakshi
2. A four Letter Word: More
3. A boy's Name: Maninder Mohan
4. A girl's Name: Mahi/Mannat
5. An occupation: Majdoor
6. A colour: Mehroon
7. Something you wear: Muffler
8. A food: Mango Salsa
9. Something found in the bathroom: Motion Sensor Light
10. A place: Manali
11. A reason for being late: Motion ( yup you guessed it right :))
12. Something you shout: Mar java (Punjabi Style)
13. A movie title: Maine Pyar Kiya
14. Something you drink: Mango Lassi
15. A musical group: Metallica
16. An animal: Monkey
17. A street name: Mahatma Ghandi Marg
18. A type of car: Maruti (apni Maruti yaaaro)
19. Something scary: Mara hua snake (common yaar or kuch nahi aya dimag mei)
20. Ice cream flavour: Mango icecream ( DIVINE!!!)

and now I tag Anu & Aseem and you know what guys rule remain same but one twist ...all the answer should be in punjabi ... let see if you can do this :)


  1. 1. What is your name: Anirudh jatt...
    2. A four Letter Word: Ailo
    3. A boy's Name: Amreek
    4. A girl's Name: Amrita
    5. An occupation: Aadti (Commission Agent)
    6. A colour: Asmaani ;)(Sky Blue)
    7. Something you wear: Angoothi (Ring)
    8. A food: Aaloo De Praanthe dahi te makkhan naal (National Breakfast)
    9. Something found in the bathroom: Aphtersabe (Phitkari)
    10. A place: Ambarsar (Amritsar)
    11. A reason for being late: Aalas (Laziness, ofcourse)
    12. Something you shout: Aa te ji kamaal ho gaya
    13. A movie title: Asa Nu Maan Watna Da
    14. Something you drink: Angoori ;) Bbbbrrrruuuuaaaaaaa
    15. A musical group: Aryans
    16. An animal: Ape (Punjabi naam koi hai bhi sahi A se?)
    17. A street name: Arjan Dev Singh Marg
    18. A type of car: Audi
    19. Something scary: Aanda Saanp [:P]
    20. Ice cream flavour: Amb di kulfi (tuhaadi Divine MANGO Ice Cream)

  2. reply @ punjabi .. Anu Paji tusi hit ho ..tusi cha gaye ... asi ta proud shoud ho gaye